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10 Oct 2010
Article written by admin

Three Round Quiz, is a Quiz of all things Greg in three rounds. The first round is all about Greg’s TV Roles from Lead roles to guest roles. The second round is about Greg’s Film Roles. And the third round is everything else Greg. So it will have all kinds of different question. There are 7 questions in each round. And a new question will be up each week. And this will run for 21 weeks. And at the end of the 21 weeks, the person with the most questions answered correctly will win a copy of Charmed Season Two. (Which Greg had a recurring role in)

At the end of each round, the questions as well as their answers will be posted here. I will be keeping track of who has the most questions answers right, because I will not be telling you if you got it right. Just look at the end of each round to see if you got it right. The Question will be located in the sidebar and will say what round and the question. As well as a link to this page so you can answer it. And if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask.

Round One

1) Greg was on two WB shows, Name those Shows!

2) Greg was on a show, as well as it’s spin off, What were those shows?

3) Greg has worked on two TV shows that also had Micheal McLafferty. Name those shows!

4) Greg worked with this actor on one show where they played enemies, only to work together again playing brothers. Name the actor?

5) Name the two Daytime Soap Opera’s Greg worked on!

To Answer fill this out, with the Subject Three Round Quiz Round One, Question Four: