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12 Aug 2013
Article written by admin

So I wanted to add something new to the site and a little different. Honestly this was inspired by the post the Days of Our Lives tweeted about the Salem Style. I thought why not maybe we could do a little newsletter for the site. Actually wanted to do something a little different and then changed it around a bit. So this one right now is going to be a tester Newsletter. Going to see how many people like it and want to see it again. If people like it, I might just make it a monthly thing. Right now there are four pages, Page one is little introduction about Greg and the different roles he’s done. The second page is a scene of the moment, which will be back if the newsletter continues, but for now it’s kind of just talking about Adrianne and Greg, as well as Eric and Nicole. In another issue it be about a scene that just really stood out and why. Page three is Blasted from the past, this time around it’s just talking about Greg’s General Hospital role Lucky Spencer. (It’s not easy writing up seven years of Lucky.) And the fourth page is a fan section. It’s got a little about the Days of Our Lives event that just past and an invite to share your fan experience or your thoughts on storylines. As well as credits for any photos we may have used. (Which can be changed and deleted if need be.)

Also if the newsletter is to continue we may ask any if they’d be interested in writing something up. The different subjects on the pages can change at anytime, so they won’t always be the same. So if anyone thinks they might be interested in writing something up, feel free to contact us. Please be sure to let us know if you like it. (There are still a few mistakes and bugs to be worked out, but they will be figured out by the next issue.)

The Newsletter can be found out The Fan Section of the site, under newsletter.

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