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01 Jan 2011
Article written by admin

Happy New Year to you all. We have some great things planed for Greg Vaughan Online this year. And one of the things we have planed is as little quiz I call The Three Round Quiz.

The Three Round Quiz is a quiz that has three rounds to it. Each round has seven questions and each round has a different category to it. First round will consist of questions Greg’s Television roles. Wither they were just a guest staring role or a lead role. The Second round consist of questions of Greg’s Film Roles, again wither they were a lead role of minor role. And the finale round will consist of Questions about Greg (Such as Greg and Becky were on what daytime TV show Talk show?)

This will run for 21 weeks, Maybe more if something comes up and I can’t change the question. There will be a new question posted each week. So you have from Sunday till Sunday to answer. Sunday a new Question goes up. After each round the answers will be posted, so you will still be able to answer the questions until the end of the round. Once the answers are up, those questions are out. At the end of the Third round, the winner of the Three Round Quiz will get a Charmed Season Two box set (Of if the winner prefers to want a Movie, we can work it out). But all in all winner will win someone that Greg has been in.

All the information you need is here – The Three Round Quiz Along with all the questions, and when they are posted Answers too. The questions will be posted in the side par with a link of where you can send your answers too.

So good luck to everyone.