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Welcome to Greg Vaughan Online, your source for over ten years of all things Greg Vaughan. You may know Greg from his work on "Beverly Hills, 90210", "Charmed", "The Young and The Restless", "General Hospital", "90210", "Days of Our Lives" and "Queen Sugar" as Calvin. Greg Vaughan Online aims to bring you the latest photos, news, media and so much more. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, please free to contact us!
17 Oct 2010
Article written by admin

Greg Vaughan Online has a New Layout, and it was made by Sweet Revelation. I figured it was time for a change. So we have a new layout and I hope you all like it. We also have a lot of great things for you all. We have a new picture of the moment. It is of Greg and Sebastian from their Fan Club Ween this past year. Which was such a great and really fun event. We also have a a new Site of the Month, it is Justin Bruening.net. If you don’t know who Justin Bruening is, He’s most known for his rol as Jamie Martin on All My Children and Mike Knight on the 2008 Re-make Knight Righter. There is also a working Poll of the month. Right now it’s If You Could See Greg On Another Soap, Which One?, but it might be changing soon. As soon as I can think of a good one to put up. So for now that is the poll. On the other side, we have a new thing, It’s called Three Round Quiz. It’s a Quiz that consists of three roles. Each round has a different theme. This current role will be questions about Greg’s different TV roles. And Each round have 7 question and will run for 21 weeks. And as the end, I will Tallie up all the correct answer people submitted and the person who answered the most questions correct will win a prize. and the prize this time around is, Charmed Season Two. For more Information Click Here. Under that we have a spot for a Caption this. That is just going to be, in the fan section of the site, you’ll find the Caption this link, All you’ll have to do come up with a caption for the picture provided. And the winning Caption will be posted on the main site. Just a little something fun. Under that is the video of the moment. And that is current;y a little tribute video I had made of Greg Vaughan and Rebecca Herbst, (They are two of my favorite actor/Actress). That is about what is new for the main look.

But we do have some more things coming. As posted a little bit ago. Greg has a Guest role on the Closer coming up. And once we know the air date I will be sure to post it and let you all know. Also with the site more update coming. Because not everything is in the Gallery as if was before, but still working on that. Hoping to get everything else added into the gallery soon, so it is completely up to date for you all. Will also be added some Photos, that are my own personal ones from fan events Greg’s done that I have attended. Mostly just have much for to come for you all. Will be working it on for you all. So just remember to keep checking back, for updates.