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13 Jun 2010
Article written by admin

So as you can see we have a new layout. Thanks to the amazing Tathy at Night and Day Design for the new layout. I know I am in love with it and it will be staying for a long time, so I hope you all like it as well. And I had some issues with the site, but things seem to be working well, if anyone has any issues with it, please let me know. Want to make sure it’s problem free. Epically because next month the site will have been online for a year. So exciting. But before we just into July we still have things in June. One of them is happening this week. What is that you ask we’ll you’ll just have to wait and find out. Now on to site updates. So I have worked hard for the last two hours fixing up the site. We have a lot of new stuff going on. We have a new Picture of the Moment. It’s from when Greg surprised Chandra Wilson when she was on the Bonnie Hunt show. You can check it out Here. So when I saw that cap I hate to make it the picture of the moment. Also we have a new Site of the Month. And that site is TomPelphrey[dot]org. You may him as Jonathan Randall from the Soap Opera Guiding Light or now from As The Word Turns as Mick Dante. Congrats to TomPelphrey[dot]org for being Greg Vaughan Online’s June Site of the Month.

Also have added three new Puzzles. There were a couple pictures I really wanted to do, so I decided to do them all. So you can pick and chose which ones you want to do or do them all. We also have a new Guess the photo up. We also have a new section added. I added a caption this. Just for a little fun. I have added Polls, but having issues getting them to actually work, so I will let you all know when they work, unless you click them and they work then feel free to vote. But hoping to get them working soon. And there has been a new video of the moment up for a while now, so might be changing that soon. Haven’t figured that one out yet, but we’ll see. So be sure to click around the site.

Now on to the very exciting news. Earlier in the week Greg tweeted he was shooting a commercial. Can only wonder what the commercial is for, but it’s great for him. And hoping we’ll get to see the commercial. Also Greg is teaming up with Daytime Connection for his first Virtual Appearance on July 10th, 2010. The cost is $50 and only 50 people will be able to attend, so if you want to be part of it be sure to get your spot before they are all taken. I personally would love to be part of it, but all my money is going towards my vacation. So hope someone who is part of it will share about it. More details are in the side bar under upcoming events. So check it out.

Speaking of upcoming events, Fan Club Weekend is inching closer. Just a smile reminder, tickets for Greg and Sebastian are still on sale. This could end up being the event that no one can stop talking about, so be sure you don’t miss out on the fun.

More Update coming soon. But would like to let everyone know that there will be no updates from Wednesday July 22nd, till July 30th, because I will be out of town. But will be back with a big update. You won’t want to miss. Till then will keep everyone as updated as I can.