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26 Dec 2009
Article written by admin

So with the new year on it’s way it was time for a new layout. I had this plan of where to get a new layout, but that still is iffy. I might do that for the next layout. Still how it all works out. but My friend and my co-webby here told me something so and I check it out and now looky what we have. We have a brand new layout and it was made all by me, with some help, both from my friend/co-webby Jess and the computer. So it’s a fairly simple layout, nothing to fancy. But sometimes simple can we so nice too. So I hope you all like the new layout.

Also a little late, but would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope everyone is having a nice, fun and safe holiday.

Another things, Over my vacation I will be working on getting the Media Gallery up. So it’s up and ready for when Greg starts on 90210. Till not sure of the date, but once I know I will let you all know. Also will work on getting more clips into the Video vault. For you viewing pleasure. And will be working on a nice little fan art gallery archive. Not sure how I am going to be setting it all up, but once it’s open and things are adding into it. I will let you all know. But if you are intersted in donating any Graphics to the fan art gallery, just E-Mail me. And of course you will be credited for your graphic donations.

One layout thing, A new Picture of the moment will be up soon as well as a new site of the month. So if you have any suggestions you can either tweet GVOnline or E-Mail me. Other wise they should be up sometime in the next week.